California Bans Ozone Producing Air Purifiers

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Ozone producing home air purifiers have been banned in California, effective 2009, reports the Los Angeles Times in its September 28 issue. According to the article, the California Air Resources Board ordered the ban after examining clinical studies showing that these products can worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma ~ the ailments that their marketers claim they help to prevent.

California becomes the first state to pass such a law, which will require that all types of residential air purifiers be tested and certified. Any found to emit more than a trace amount of trioxygen (O3), classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a toxic gas, will be removed from the California market.

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Many home air-filtration devices create trioxygen as a byproduct, and will be affected by the California ban. Other air systems are designed specifically to generate this gas, in the belief that it is beneficial to health. The studies cited by the CARB indicate otherwise.

The Times article quotes UC Irvine toxicologist Michael Kleinman, who asserted, “trioxygen is a toxic contaminant, and does cause significant adverse health impacts.” Bonnie Holmes-Gen of the American Lung Association of California echoed this position saying, “There are thousands of peer-review studies showing trioxygen is dangerous.”

The law will not have an adverse impact on the sale or purchase The Leading Health and Wellness Company’s Air Wellness products, including the Power5. The Power5 features a patented multistage filtration and negative-ion system that does not produce trioxygen (O3). It also employs a HEPA filter like those found in hospitals, and identified by the Air Resources Board as a safe and effective air purifying option.

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