Water Of Life

Counter Top Water System


Pi Water Technology:

  • Cleaner water, better taste
  • Natural filtration, no added chemicals
  • More practical than expensive bottled water
  • Unique PiMag discovery, only from Nikken

We take water for granted. It’s a basic commodity,supplied to every home. But many of us find our tap water less than ideal.

FACT: Last year, consumers worldwide spent more than one hundred billion dollars — $100,000,000,000 — on commercially bottled water.

Millions of households feature complex water treatment systems. All to avoid drinking what comes from the faucet. And that’s not only because of how it tastes. Public concern is rising on the subject of what municipal water supplies may contain; Chemicals, Agricultural runoff, A variety of contaminants that we can’t taste or see.

There is an alternative to expensive bottled water or ordinary tap water. It tastes better. It is filtered to reduce pollutants. And it offers something more. It is Pi Water. Discover for yourself the difference it makes.

A Natural Wonder, Re-created:

Near a small town in Japan is an area with unusual topographical features. The surrounding hills contain magnetite and calcium. A small stream flows over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. The water in this stream,scientists discovered, had amazing results on the surrounding plants.

They named this Water of Life Pi Water.

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Then they set out to duplicate these conditions in the laboratory.

First, a multiple filtration system was devised. Technicians successfully adapted filtration technology to reduce contaminants the same way that nature does — without adding chlorine or other chemicals to water. Next, they added ceramics and valuable sea coral harvested from the ocean floor. These supplied the minerals that are present in the region where pi water was first identified. Finally, magnetic technology completes the process. A magnetic field assists in reducing mineral buildup. This helps condition water without adding salt or other chemicals. It’s an intelligent alternative to complicated and expensive water-softening devices.

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